Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland (XI)


Sometimes I think there must be a competition. Something like „European championship of preparing the worst canteen dishes“ or All-world finals of the worst vegeterian dishes.“ Otherwise it would be really hard to explain why the canteen serves food as today’s dish. The name alone should have frighten me away: „Cheese Macaroni Pasta.“ You got the idea? Don’t tell me you are never having pasta with more pasta? This however was exactly what today’s dish was all about. On the plate there was pasta covered in a sauce I am not able to identify: anything from mayonnaise to cream cheese dissolved in water would be perfectly plausible because the sauce did not taste of anything at all. The pasta was covered by cheese. But if I would abstain to use the term cheese for the hard and yellow crust that served as a glue on top of the dish. As the pasta itself the cheese crust did not taste of anything not even a large amount of salt and pepper did change this situation for the worse or for the better. Beyond those named ingredients there were tiny, tiny pieces visible that remind from afar of spring onion. They were so tiny and so few that I can’t say for sure if its true or just imagination. This was it. No single piece of vegetable, no sauce, no spices, not even the omnipresent celery  was added to at least evoke the illusion of consideration and care for those people who do not eat meat. If this dish entered the competition it surely would win a gold medal for being able to prepare a disastrous dish with no taste and absolutely not a single vitamin. Congratulations. Well deserved!

What?  Cheese Macaroni Pasta

Where? The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

How much? 4 Euro

Survived? Speechless


2 thoughts on “Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland (XI)

  1. The Beige-Representative surpassed himself today. You were very brave to give it a go. I guess I’d have rather stuffed myself with chocolate than to try that (although I often read about mac & cheese in books which made me curious … one day I’ll eat scones and cucumber sandwiches).

    Don’t they have a salad bar somewhere?

    • He certainly did! It was absolutely awful. I really do recommend the Scones the grocer’s wife is making, though I have no idea if cucumber sandwiches are worth a try….There is a salad bar, but and this is where the problem starts, I do take this kosher business not overly but still quite serious and the salad bar is a mixed one, so milky and meaty dishes are not separated, the same spoons are used etc. so I don’t feel comfortable eating there….

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