Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland(X)


It can’t be helped, I am afraid.

Sometimes things change over night. Especially when living in Ireland. You can go asleep thinking of not much more than you need to buy washing powder and in the morning you hear on the radio that Apple owes 13 Billion Euros in tax return to the little island in the Western Atlantic. The grocer’s wife has heard so too. “Oh Read On”, she sighs „I could use a bit of that money to get a new refrigerator for the shop.“ I nod in full agreement. But I won’t tell you what she said about the Irish government not wanting that money. But better it would be fro Enda Kenny not entering the shop of the grocer’s wife. However I am drifting away, because many things stay exactly the same. The weather ( grey and drizzle ) and of course the food in the canteen. I can reassure you, it is as strange as ever. A more warm welcome to the bleak realities you face as a non-pork eater in Ireland could hardly be possible. The sign reads: “Three bean-curry with rice.” I was scratching my head. This really does sound suspicious. But only the brave and the very hungry will make it through and so I nodded when the sweet canteen lady passed me the plate. Here ya go darlin’. Here she goes. The beans turned out to be chickpeas and whites beans, which had been too long in the pot and were burnt black. Even when searching forceful with my fork I couldn’t detect a third species. The beans came- remember some things just stay the same- with celery, onions, reminders of red peppers and zucchini. The sauce reminded from afar of a mixture of baked bean sauce spiced up with Tabasco. I am sparing you the details. I hate wasting food but here I gave up. The half-burnt beans were just that tiny bit too much. “Its all bonkers” as the grocer’s wife would put it, but these are her words of course not mine.

What? Three bean curry with rice.

Where? The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

How much? 4 Euro

Survived? Only halfway.

11 thoughts on “Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland(X)

  1. I am not a really good cook myself, so perhaps I should just hold my tongue, but your description of the canteen food sounds like someone in the kitchen takes pleasure in ruining perfectly acceptable food every single day. Their boss might want to find out if and why someone hates his or her job that much. (I hate wasting food, too, and, to me, this kind of bad cooking is just wasting food. But then, my grandmother was a professional cook, so my views may be somewhat extreme.)

    • I think they are doing a pretty good job on meat, which I can’t have because its not kosher. It is astonishing so how little they care about other needs. I mean vegetarianism is pretty mainstream nowadays and it is so strange to see how bad it can be. Awful. I do hate food wasting so much. I totally agree with you and your grandmother too.

    • It really was. Its awful and I don’t know what made the Beige-Representative doing this. The weather-besides of today was quite okay so- maybe he was arguing with the sweet canteen lady or the kitchen in- was it Leipzig- doesn’t want to take him back. But who really knows what the Beige-Representaive might feel in the depth of his heart, Maybe he just loathes vegetarians. I honestly don’t know.

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