Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland (IX)

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You all are dead right. I neglected my duty of showing you and the world the wonders of the vegetarian option in the canteen. I know I deserve your quizzical brows and disappointed looks, but here we go again. You can see nothing has changed. Today the cook decided to finally use up all zucchini someone must have ordered without knowing what to do with them further. So may the non-pork eaters suffer from an zucchini overload, as long as it not us ,it is fine. The cook quite optimistically called the dish: „Vegetarian curry with rice“ as if exoticism ever helped to disguise blunt failure. Mrs Rajasthani, Queen of the curry would just snort angrily and dismiss the whole idea of this dish being even a close relative of an Indian curry. Unfortunately, Delhi and Mrs Rajasthani are far away and on a drizzle Dublin Tuesday, this is what you get. Vegetables discovered: chickpeas, zucchini ( loads of them ), a few pieces of green pepper, a fizzle of red pepper, onions, sour aubergines and of course my old and best enemy: celery. The curry sauce was surprisingly hot, even if I could not make out any spices. Maybe the cook just has a big jar standing next to him called „indifferent spice for various purposes“ use carefully. But what do I know about such matters? The book by the way, whose cover matches so stunningly with the colour of the dish is about 17th century vermilion making. What a coincidence!

What? Vegetable Curry with rice.

Where? The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

How much? 4 Euro

Survived? It can’t be helped, can’t it?

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