We remember in silence and sadness


Not only today, but especially today we remember those who did not return. Our hearts are heavy and our souls are torn. We miss all of you. We miss your wisdom and your follies. Without your presence, we know, we will never be complete. You will always remain the missing piece. Your absence hurts anew day after day.  Your names, who are so familiar to us and still so far away are our never healing scars. We will say your names aloud and teach them our children, who will teach their children and their children will know as we do. As for so many families, it is true for mine: not all names are known of those who were murdered, but none of you will be forgotten. We pray for you, we sing for you, we read the words you read all these years before us. We are inconsolable. There are not enough words to describe the silence you have left behind.The world is a sadder place without you.Our words feel like betrayal but not only today we think of you and cherish all of you in our memories and deep, deep in our hearts and minds.

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