Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland ( VIII)


Friday. Probably the cook wants to empty the fridge and the pantry. The weekend is long and who knows what will happen to the corn and the peas in the meantime? This is a risk the cook doesn’t want to take on. And as long as there are non-pork eaters, there is hope: why not processing all those leftover vegetables into a patty and call it a vegetable burger? Brilliant isn’t it? And here we go: the burger consisted mainly of mashed potatoes, a few peas and corn. If you want to imagine the taste: think of mashed potatoes you made on Sunday and re-heat it at three consecutive days. I think you can’t get much closer. Nearly no salt or pepper was spent on this dish. Its getting rid of things that counts not adding stuff, when emptying the fridge. The salad, if you are optimistic enough to call the few leaves that, were surprisingly fresh but pretty tasteless.The exception: a piece of green pepper, which was one of most bitter things I ever ate. Who would have thought the cook being so subtle that he let the week end with a bitter taste, before the sweet weekend appears?

What? Vegetable Burger with salad and garlic sauce ( I can’t eat garlic sauce especially not in public. I have no clue either why a canteen would serve it anyway.)

Where? The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

How much? 4 Euro

Survived? Yes, with a bitter aftertaste.

10 thoughts on “Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland ( VIII)

  1. I so enjoy reading about your adventures in the cafeteria. The irony is that the photographs make the food look edible, then your descriptions of the tastes you encounter dash all hope.

    • The cafeteria is the place where the best horoor stories are written….the photographs are truly an euphemism for all our suffering….there is no hope but at least some entertainment to be found…

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