12 of 12, Ireland edition


I caught a terrible cold. So that’s for breakfast.


This cup is with me since forever. I don’t even know who I got it from. But it still makes me smile everyday. For more poetry!


Sprouts&Co is very much a hip place and I am one of the most non-hip persons you might be able to imagine. i just don’t fit into the concept. And I hate Matcha Latte the new most-must have item in Dublin. But the falafel wrap is quite delicious, and it has no celery in it, which for Irish standards is a revolution by itself.


For half an hour the suns comes out and even in the office everything brightens up. Spring. We need spring. Now.


I meet J. for a coffee at Kaph. Another very hip place, but they make great coffee and meeting J. is always such a pleasure. We talk about the past elections,which might soon turn out to be the future elections, the Irish health care system, the new novel of Howard Jacobsen and a painting we both saw at the Prado a couple of years ago. If you ever wondered what women talking about: here you go.


FullSizeRender Dublin

The whole memory she-bang has started. It doesn’t seem to end soon.



Daffodils. I am in love.



I am a big fan of Vendela Vida. The Believer  one of the best magazines I ever encountered and especially the first half of this novel is just mesmerizing. A brilliant, brilliant author. IMG_4097

On my way home. I live a good 1, 5 hours away from the city centre. Right in the middle of the countryside. I don’t like commuting at all, but I neither would like to live in Dublin so either and I grew fond of the village right in the middle of nowhere.




That’s one reason why.

FullSizeRender Kopie

Finally back home.


Next to Snicker’s bars, my greatest and very guilty pleasure is „Turkish Delight“, a shower cream. It reminds me of the smell of my childhood when the women combed their hair with heavily perfumed oils and the smell lingered in the rooms for a long time after they were gone. A strange sense of longing and belonging. Unreachable and at the same time, strangely reproduced by LUSH.

Well, that’s  another day gone. A strange task to avoid intimacy while sharing pictures.

More days in pictures you will find here: Draußen nur Kännchen.

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  1. All my students are drinking it constantly, it is green tea powder treated as if it were coffee. What can you say? It comes quite at a high price to be a hip person. Thank’s for the good wishes. I finally feel better.

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