Election Day

7 AM: According to the first exit polls the combined votes of Fíanna Fáil and Fine Gael will be less than Fíanna Fáil got alone in the 1977 election. The 2011 election has always been called a landslide election, but it wasn’t, this is. Or as the grocer’s wife would say: „Sweet Jesus“. Once the small village, where I live and which is located more than a good hour away from Dublin elected unanimously Fíanna Fáil. These days are long gone. While all over Europe a sharp right/ left division might be considered as nothing unusual, in Ireland it is.

9AM: The counting begins in all of the 40 Irish constituencies. The only winner so far seems to be Sinn Féin. One can say much things against this party and Gerry Adams and I am one of those, who do so constantly, but their election campaign was well-organized, effective and by far not as clueless as Fine Gael’s monotonous repeat of „Keep the Recovery going“, which especially in rural Ireland is nothing more than a cruel euphemism.

4PM: The small village of mine has, so it seems in the moment, voted for Fíanna Fáil. The grocer’s wife was impressed by Michaél Martin’s canvass photo. A pink tie. Quite daring, she said. She was never too find of Enda Kenny away, he was way too much a man for the ever snobby Dubliners but definitely not a politician of her choice. Fine Gael’s message only worked for the affluent South-Dublin areas and suburbs, but obviously nowhere else. If Fíanna Fáil really got rid of its patriarchic and cronie structures I doubt. But so far only five out of 158 seats of the Dáil have filled.

Only in Ireland: a woman lost her ring in a ballot box, but luckily it could be rediscovered.

Sunday, 8PM:

The Irish Times  has the results.

Roddy Doyle has the best comment.

Ever brilliant Fintan O’Toole knew it all back in 2012.

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