Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland (V)


I was very late today and the sweet canteen lady ( all of the canteen ladies are very sweet indeed ) had to shake her head. „No vegetarian dish left today“, she said. So I went for the non-porkish meat dish. Beef Keema. I shouldn’t have done, firstly I became homesick immediately, just while reading the name and secondly Mrs Rajasthani proud of the secrets of Indian cuisine would have stormed into the kitchen to give the dish the name it deserves. However, the rice was dry but not overcooked, beside of the beef the dish consisted of: overcooked potatoes, mushy peas and onions ( the Irish standard ). To my great surprise: no celery. What happened to the celery-is-a-must-policy if the cook? The main problem: the dish was spicy, but it did not taste of anything. No explosion of curry powder or the breath-taking smell of chili or the refined spice of garam masala. Just an indefinite spiciness that tasted of absolutely nothing. Very strange thing. Quite hard to do I assume.

What? Beef Keema with rice and pita bread

Where? The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

How much? 5 Euro

Survived? Yes, but with a very strange feeling of nothingness.

4 thoughts on “Surviving as a non-pork eater in Ireland (V)

  1. „spicy, but did not taste of anything“ That’s something I often notice here in Bavaria, too. Bavarians are scared of spicy food, I think But when they try, the result is very strange.

  2. I so enjoy your series on being a non-pork eater in Ireland. As a non beer drinker, I experience similar problems. I also appreciated your indictment of dishes that are spicy but don’t taste of anything, something not uncommon in even the finest restaurants.

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