12 of 12, A day in pictures,Berlin


The day starts with a beetroot massacre. I started making juice years ago and unfortunately I am not free of missionary tendencies to spread the word or the juice…Viva La Raw-olution….


The result: beetroot-apple-carrot-orange-lemon-juice. A glass for me and a bottle for a friend of mine who is in the hospital. It hurts to see how he fights with every tiny sip, but better as hospital food. That’s what I hope at least. IMG_3834

PhD status: Sigh.


I know it is insane, but I have a crush on coffee yogurt. Not every type of coffee yogurt, just this one. I know. I know.


Nay. It is too wet and too cold- But to have a communal garden in the neighborhood is fantastic.


When the neighborhood was founded around 1900, many Jewish families built houses here. The houses are big and splendid ones and they were meant not only for a lifetime but for many generations. But it was all over in less than one generation. Still, the same old sadness creeps across my neck, when I look at the names and places and all the stories and lives forever untold.


Hey, grey afternoon how are you doing? Happy,or sad or just grey? IMG_3843

Your hands were so fragile and I found so hard to believe that these hands could create such fragile sculpture. I still see you in the silence of your home, the emptiness of the place, even the Kibbuz was far way and for a while I believed the world outside had ceased to exist. But then the day came, when you wanted me and my sadness to disappear. I left. Whenever I look at your sculpture I wonder if I left you like this.


I don’t have a piano in Ireland. I miss it badly. Today, just to warm up my fingers: Bela Bartok.


Tomorrow I fly back to my tiny village. I don’t like packing. I am always nervous to forget something. Scarf. Purse I and Purse II. Passport. Leap Card and where are the keys?


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I am very much an apple person. I like them rather sour than sweet and prefer those who are crisp to those having too soft flesh. These are an old sort, you won’t be able to buy in a supermarket. Their scent alone is delicious.


I love Jonathan Coe. He is just hilarious. Satire at its very best. I highly recommend all his books. But „What a Carve Up!“ I recommend wholeheartedly.

More days and more pictures you will find at  „Draußen nur Kännchen“

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