Have a very merry…


23.12.2015, There is a tree and the tree stands upright. Deep breaths.


24.12.2015, 11 AM, F. and I are trying to convince the tree to gently accept the candleholders. Sigh.


24.12.2015, 2:30 PM: That’s how we roll ( my sister of course thinks its too sober, but I refuse to take any further action.) Uff.

To all of you, who do and to all of you who don’t and to all of you, who have to like me, have a very, merry couple of days. Be kind to yourselves, eat and dance and sing along even louder than the weird grandmother or the boring uncle.

Merry Christmas! Chag Sameach!

3 thoughts on “Have a very merry…

  1. Thank you for your Christmas wishes and for sharing your tree, which I would describe as sparsely elegant. I hope your Christmas gave you pleasure, Read On, and that the new year makes you smile more often than not.

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