In search for a highland cow or my nephew makes a wish.

My sister has four children. Three nieces and one nephew I do have. I love  them all. They are witty children and as loud as funny. They are wild and especially when they are asleep: utterly adorable. I love all the four of them deeply.But my oldest nephew I love most. My nephew and I write letters to each other since forever, we share our triple chocolate cookies and our secrets with each other and of course with no one else. I became his partner in crime and his patience with my inability to differentiate between Gandalf , Yoda and Superman has literally no ends. So when my nephew called me to tell me that he wanted to make a wish for Christmas, I listened most carefully. Read On, he said, promise you won’t laugh. I promise, said I and searched for pen and paper because I am unable to get the names of the heroes I was expecting right. I really do want to have a Highland cow, he said, it could sit next to my pillow and would watch over me. Listen, Read On, he said, they are strong and trustful animals and not at all dull or stupid. That’s for sure said I and put the pen aside. Then we talked about 16th century silver mines, a girl from his class, he fancies and Queen Cat. The next day I went to a big Toy Store in Dublin. Hiya, I said and smiled my brightest smile before I asked the desperate looking sales assistant for a  Highland cow. The sales assistant asked twice to get me right. Then he pointed to a violet cow with bulky eyes, sitting next to an ugly lion and said: this is the closest to a highland cow we have. This is an abomination I said and left. In the following days and weeks I visited many, many toy stores and was shown many, too many ugly animals, none of them resembling a highland cattle, not even from afar. I started to write desperate emails to friends asking for help. I searched at least half of the known Internet for a highland cattle made of fur. I found nothing. Yesterday I sat in a meeting, my feet were cold, I was hungry and worst of all I had to catch back a flight to Dublin later this evening and the meeting lasted  longer and longer. When my phone beeped I saw a message from C. „Found Highland Cow“ said the message and the next hour turned out be the longest hour since the invention of time. I saw people over people wandering along the shelves, thinking of little Jean-Luc, who so sweetly moohs that a highland cow is the exactly right present for him. Finally I stormed out of the door and driven by higher forces I reached the KADEWE quicker as ever and did not stop till I reached the shelves where all the plush animals are waiting patiently. And there it sat: A perfectly fur made Highland cow with dark brown eyes and silly little curls between its horns. A strong and trustful animal exactly as my nephew had said, a perfect bedside companion, who patiently munches hay and listens calmly.“ Hey, highland cattle“ I said, „hurry up, we have a plane to catch.“

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