Surviving in Ireland as a non-pork eater (II)

IMG_3766 (1)If it wouldn’t rain  pour outside constantly since 10 AM I would probably have had a soup somewhere else, but I am an approved klutz and with my talent I surely would have slipped out on the pavement and dived into a puddle. No this isn’t as funny as it might seem to you. You on the other hand would have missed today’s non-pork option in the canteen. Wouldn’t this be a pity? So here it comes: Vegetable pasta. Boring you might say, Read On, you are so boring. Well, this might look like ordinary pasta with vegetables on it ( the vegetables discovered included: carrots, peas ( it’s Ireland after all ), mushrooms, some rocket leaves, and stone-hard black olives but the whole dish was quite a bit of a mystery. First of all, it was spicy. The canteen normally praises itself in tasteless cooking. ( I by the way believe that these efforts definitely should be honoured. It is quite hard not to use spices at all, isn’t it? ) But today the pasta was spicier than anything I ever had in the canteen, ever. On the other hand the spicy sauce was definitely no pasta sauce at all. It resembled from far a base for a curry, but quite from afar. Maybe the cook had planned something else, which didn’t work out all and in a certain momentum of boldness decided to spice up our day? Who knows? Maybe the cook simply has a cold, sneezed hard and 1,2, 3 the whole spice collection of the canteen landed in the vegetarian pot? This pasta definitely left me a good bit irritated.I repeat myself but surviving in Ireland as a non-pork eater is not easy and sometimes even a bit mysterious.

What? Vegetable Pasta

Where? The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

How much? 4 Euro

Survived? Mysterioulsy, but yes.

4 thoughts on “Surviving in Ireland as a non-pork eater (II)

  1. I actually think this might be the case. The similarities are striking. Maybe the cook from Leipzig took part in an European exchange program? I will keep my eyes open for the „Beigebeauftragten“ as an old saying goes: „one always meet twice in a lifetime“. In awe I stare at the pictures….

  2. If they’ll ever serve this in the canteen, you’ll know it is the same bloke.

    To be honest, I do miss the pictures of the culinary surprises of the „Beigebeauftragen“ of the Leipzig University canteen. Is there an ERASMUS programme for university cooks?

  3. I do hope I am spared this picture. But I agree a certain kind of culinary disasters are too good not to share. I am sure there are plenty of exchange possibilities for cooks, who want to spread the power of ‚beige‘

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