Delhi Diary-No point

It is 11PM. Madanpur Khadar. A big street. South-East Delhi. The street is full of men selling roasted corn. There are vendors selling ice-cream. 21 cows I count on my way along the road. There are men on bicycles. There are men walking. There is a guru, who sits under a tree. There are many men fiddling around with their motorbikes. There are men, who are sleeping on top of a bus. There are men playing cards behind two silver-grey Suzuki-Maruti. There is a paanwalla. There are workers loading up metal frames on the back of a lorry. There are men selling samosa’s. Mr Salman is about to drive away from his shop, he waves at me and shouts something I can not understand. There are rickshaw-driver’s waiting for customers. There are young men listening to music from a  phone. It is 11. 15 PM when I reach the gate to our apartment block. It is shortly past 11 PM, and I am the only woman out on the street.

6 thoughts on “Delhi Diary-No point

  1. It is not only Jyoti Singh, it is more of a common conscioussness that as a woman you do not walk alone outside past a certain hours. Whenever you open the newspaper you can read about molested, harassed or raped women, everywhere in schools, at workplaces, in the park and whoever you talk to will tell you about a friend, who got groped in front of her door, a neighbor kicked off her scooter, a five year old molested by a pizza delivery boy and the most insane story I came across two weeks a ago: The police used a girl, who was raped already as a “ trap“ to catch the predators, the police operation failed and the girls got raped again. The good news among all the bad stories: Finally people start to talk about it and file complaints at the police, where there not nearly enough female officers….But it is disturbing to walk in a world , where not even late at night women are totally absent.

  2. Even here in Europe girls are told not to walk home alone. I spent my mid to late teens in Frankfurt, with reliable public transport and well-lit streets. Going home alone was safer than in some boy’s car

  3. Girls walk alone at night in my small town. I sometimes do so myself. But in Denver or San Francisco or St. Louis, all cities I know well, this wouldn’t be done. It is so sad. It’s why I live in a small town.

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