Delhi Diary-Blueberry Pancakes


It is 6. 30 in the morning. Two children jump upon my back. They pull my ears and shriek: „Read On, wake up. You promised us pancakes.“ „Blueberry pancakes, we want blueberry pancakes“ they shout quite rhythmically and continue to jump up and down my bed. „Ieeeek“, say I and try to disappear under my mosquito net. But to make a noise, was a big mistake. „You are awake, awake, awake it shouts from above my head, where too many fingers try to lift up my eyelids. One has to know, when surrender is the only option. „My glasses first“, say I to the two little tyrants, who grin triumphantly. Two children stomp down the stairs and a yawning Read On follows them down to the kitchen. Two children sit at the table, hammering loudly with their forks: „Blueberry Pancakes! Blueberry Pancakes!“ It sounds like a cry of warriors before running towards the battlefield. 10 minutes later two children happily munch blueberry pancakes. Even if I am not quite sure if pancakes with Nutella, strawberry conserve and cream still fit into the genre. Two children kiss me. My face is plastered with Nutella, strawberry conserve and cream. I yawn again. „Where are you going?, cry two kids simultaneously. „Into my bed, I want to say, but before I am able to finish my sentence two children monkeys jump upon my back, shouting: „No.“ The Barbies have to take a bath now. I look quite astonished. I always thought Barbie dolls would not be in need of such profanities. But obviously they are. I fill a large bucket with water and two children, many barbie dolls and a yawning Read On are getting soaked wet. The Barbie dolls are looking quite tired as well. Two children throw soap at each other. „Read On, you have to make bubbles!“ Two children are giggling and catching soap bubbles. I hang the poor dolls at the clothes line. They look exhausted. I yawn. „Read On, say the kids, we want to hear a story.“ They arrive with a pile of books. After ten minutes of heavy fighting, thy agree on a book called „Stinkbomb.“ The book is as boring as the telephone book. I don’t know why children books are so often written by obviously totally humorless persons, who lack in fantasy as well as in the ability to invent a story. Fifteen minutes later two children sleep tucked under my arms. The barbie dolls drip from above. Two minutes later Mrs Rajasthani arrives. she yawns. „Read On, she says, why are you up, so early?“

3 thoughts on “Delhi Diary-Blueberry Pancakes

  1. Die Kids hatten Spaß, die Barbies hängen ab:) Ich auch und lese dabei seit heute morgen deinen Blog indem ich mir Seite für Seite ausdrucke und im Wohnwagen Stille und Posts genieße. Danke für diesen Tag an dem ich dir nach Putbuss, Amsterdam, Ireland , New York und Dehli folgte. Ein Glück das die Familie heute ausgeflogen ist und ich alle Zeit der welt habe. Ein tolles Blog, farbig, spanndend, tiefgehend und voller Neugier.

  2. Oh ich werde ganz rot! Ich freue mich sehr, dass Sie hier lesen mögen. Ich wünsche schöne und entspannte Tage im Wohnwagen ( das klingt sehr nach Abenteuer )!

  3. Delightful.This post made me miss my grandchildren when they were young and I was a major attraction for them. And I’d like to suggest, Read On, that you would be a wonderful writer of children’s books.

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