One of these days

At 5 AM my sister calls. „What the hell, J. I say.“ But my sister is not be stopped by such remarks. „Do you remember the wedding of C. and G.?“ she asks with an urgency even I find astonishing. ( I only vaguely remember the wedding at all. ) But when my sister is on a mission she is not be interrupted  by such banalities. „Anyways, she gets on,D . a friend of C’s sister wore this pretty mask with green feathers and sparkling stones.“What the hell J. I say, why do you remember even three years later such things? Well, snaps my sister back, because I am interested in other people and not just cynical as you. „That’s not fair I say rather weakly, or rather tired. I need this mask, cries J. It’s a matter of life and death. „For sure, grumble I. But my sister repeats her request for this mask. J. I try again. I do not remember much of the wedding, just that I sat next to a boring, snorting and sweating men, who later got drunk and poked into the pool, but I did not come along C. who to whatever reason showed up with a mask to a wedding. So I have no clue where to get such stuff. But my sister cuts me short and with her usual conviction that the world runs as she wishes it, trills in my ear: „But you know how do make such things.“ No, I say, J. I am really busy, but my sister just reminds me gently that she is about to take the cat for three long months. So I find myself at 5. 30 sitting at the desk and guided by precise instruction of my sister, who is unreasonable jolly I sew her a mask.

My mood is not the best, when I enter a Globetrotter store. „Hiya, I am looking for an impregnated mosquito net“, I say to one of those guys, who look interested in all possible things, but not in mosquito nets. The man, I have the great pleasure to speak with, looks at me and obviously I do not look like their usual customer and so he comments my appearance with kicking up and eyebrow and saying: Uh, You are an adventurous girl aren’t you? I smile very, very gently and tell him, he for sure will never know. An impregnated mosquito net, I say, if you do not mind. Of course he has no idea what I am looking for, a second colleague has to be called, who lectures me about dangerous chemicals and recommends a homeopathic alternative, I laugh out loud. After strong insistence that I truly and for sure want to buy nothing else than the mentioned mosquito net. 40 minutes later when I finally wait in the queue, I can not help to wonder about the nature of these shops, who sell all possible gear to well-affluent people who seek adventures or whatsoever in countries, where those, who guid them through the mountains are not even able to afford a proper pair of shoes.

In the evening friend B. drops by, she brings with her, the newest love of her life. He is kind of an investment banker. B. who is a lawyer for sure, clings to his lips. He is not the silent kind of an investment banker but an expert for nearly everything. Greece. The crisis in the Ukraine. B. smiles. I try not to yawn too much. The kind of investment banker has quite an appetite and finishes all the cheese nearly alone, then he asks for more wine and looks demanding at the apricots. I sigh. You have loads of books he says, I nod. „You know“, he says „I myself enjoy here and then a bit of reading.“ I nod. His eyes stop at pile of Adorno books laying on the small cupboard next to the piano. „A great man“ he says. „Kind of a philosopher,“ I say. He nods. He knows how to handle this case and he throws in all terms he connects with big and important man. Excellent, talented and wise, just to name a few. I try hard not to burst of laughter. He grabs a volume, weighs it in his hands and asks me if I would enjoy it. Well, say I , rather not and tell him the episode where Adorno visits a prostitute in Frankfurt, he spanks with great desire and howls triumphantly about this adventure in his diaries, it is the very volume you hold in your hands.“ For the first time he is speechless. But B. kicks me under the table and complains bitterly afterwards: „Cynical is even a too nice term for you, she barks.“ I heard this before today, I want to tell her but I better don’t.

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  1. First cats and now sisters; you captured the relationship of sisters everywhere, just as you caught the relationships of cats and owners. Having two sisters, I laughed aloud at parts of this post.

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