As we go along

„Do you want to come for a walk?“, asks the vet. I nod. We leave the village with staring glances of the grocer’s wife directed at our backs. She is not amused. „You know, the grocer’s wife has high hopes for you?“ The vet says nothing but smiles lazily. A kilometer later we arrive at the coast road. Despite all odds and the weather forecast it is not yet raining. A gentle breeze comes from the sea and in the ice-cold water we spot twelve swimmers, just visible by their neon colored swimming caps. The sun glitters gently above all our heads while we walk on. In dark- red the clover flourishes wherever we look.  The chestnuts wear pink crowns and the scent of the wisteria is everywhere. The vet patiently endures my astonishment. „Don’t say you don’t notice them!“ He smiles gently and yawns most discretely. And on we go, along the rocky road, along the sea that is dark-blue, but blue is not the right term for its deep color, its silk, smooth surface and all ist secrets never to be known by us. Gray is the sky now and the clouds laugh at us from high above. „Ten more minutes“, says the vet and then „Run“ and we run, racing down the path to the big oak trees, where we find shelter and now laugh ourselves at the clouds which will be gone fast, while we still lean with our backs again the massive trunks of the oaks. The vet looks down at this hands. „The horse didn’t make it“, he says. „I am sorry to hear this“, reply I. „Are you, asks the vet? But it’s not the horse he is talking about now. It’s tough job you have, say I and the vet laughs knowingly. Still the rain pours down on the ground. We share an apple and half a bar of chocolate I found in pocket. The vet laughs heartily. But then the rain stops and on we go through the wet grass and hedges, pass by the centuries old stone-walls till we reach the park of the castle and soon the village appears in front of us. When we arrive at my door the vet bends forward and murmurs in my ear: I wonder, you know, how it would be and then he stops and looks at me. „Not as you imagine, I say“ and the vet smiles sadly. See ya, he says and walks down the road, when I turn back I see the grocer’s wife and her daughter standing in the doorway of their shop. The daughter wears her prettiest dress. I assume it is new. The vet does not look up.

6 thoughts on “As we go along

  1. The vet and I are rather hopeless cases. But the vet is indeed a gentle and kind men with warm hands. But I am about to leave the small village for a good while and have to keep you waiting for news.

  2. Oh, I am not quite sure if the vet will do, and am not sure if there is much left of me to be missed, but I take the notebook with me and hope for stable enough electricity…

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