Oh don’t run so fast, says the moon and bends his head to get closer to me. Oh, come, come on says the lilac that grows white and velvet among the hedges and wants to draw me into his arms. From an wide open window an old Fado melody is to be heard. Dance, oh, dance sings a voice in my ear, come on take my hand and let’s disappear just the two of us and the voice of Joana Amendoeira will carry us away. Ours is the night and the summer leans just at the steps of the bookshop around the corner and silently smiles. A bicycle slowly passes by, but too fast he is anyway that I could ask him for a dance. The darkness takes my hand, seducingly soft and with the scent of the very first hay and throws blossoms in my hair. A golden summer the darkness promises, gentle hands and a firework here and then. And for moment I stop to look for the keys and take a deep breath before I walk upstairs into a flat that is rather cool and silent with its old wooden floors and the clock ticking a bit too slow for so many years.

One thought on “Tempting

  1. You captured the anticipation of summer’s imminent arrival in this post. Where I live, we’re still wishing for a nice spring day free of rain threatening to become snow.

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