Guilty Pleasures

Some people say WholeFoods is an upscaled and mostly overpriced supermarket. They are probably right. Other people would never, ever do their grocery shopping somewhere else, with a voice bursting of moral superiority they explain that their way of shopping will make the world a better place. They are probably right as well. I love WholeFoods. WholeFoods is a paradise, even when not for the first two reasons.
So, you have to imagine a rather exhausted Read On, who after long and indeed overwhelmingly hours in a museum sinks back into a chair. Ouf, say I, ouch, say my feet. Both are right. But even in paradise you have to get up again to order a drink. The drinks are all named, not as the grocer’s wife across the ocean would do, who calls a carrot juice, a carrot juice, in paradise all drinks have marvelous names. Berry Boost or Green Splendor and to my great regret-but even in paradise not everything is perfect- they contain kale. But then you are most well-off. You sink back into your chair, in your hand a wild mixture of squeezed vegetables, on your knees the The New Yorker, the sun shines on your back and you still think of the marvelous Madame X painted by J-ohn singer Sargent some hundred years ago. But in paradise silence is not the way to go. A few minutes, after your first sip, a man as made of marble arrives with the very same desire as I a few minutes ago. Even from the back his appearance is impressive. Slim and tender are his legs, as if he were Apollo’s nephew and in New York one never knows if this isn’t the case, an expensive haircut and of course a well- trimmed beard, a sweater that looks expensively shabby and while he waits for his drink, he stretches slowly back and forth, he wears massive headphones and when he picks up his drinks, he kicks up his eyebrow and turns towards me. Clumsily as ever I yawn. „If I would mind“, he says, and looks at the chair next to me.“ Not at all, say I. and do not even look back up from the New Yorker. He stretches again,and out of the sudden, he says as if he would mean it, „lovely pair of shoes your wear“. I wear my oldest pair of sneakers that once were lilac but now are at best to be called indifferent. I nod. „I mean, he goes on, they fit you really well.“ I look at my feet and then back up to him. Oh, thanks, say I and try very hard not to laugh out loud. He bites in his muffin, I drink juice. Two women to our right discuss the advantage of almond milk. He smiles lazily and he smiles at me. All women and WholeFoods and paradise as well I assume are full women smile at him. I try not to laugh too hard. „The sun“ he says, „the moon“, I reply and he nods gravely. „I was wondering“ he says, and now I am kicking up my eyebrow, did I see you in a movie some time ago? „No, I say, I am sorry, but I rather don’t do movies.“ He smiles again just to jump up, „listen, he says, i have to run, but I leave you my number, just in case you want to meet for a chat or so.“ While he hands over the note with his number, his fingertips gently move towards mine. He looks like he will start singing in a moment and I have to bit my lip not to burst out in laughter, then he leaves, not without to turn back again, slowly waving, but I have turned back to the New Yorker, the juice and the sun, giggling here and then, the number still on the table. I love WholeFoods. Actually, it is paradise.

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. A delightful story well told. I especially admire your ability to make the man who approached you come to life with through your description of small details such as „a sweater that looks expensively shabby.“ I’m glad you had a true New York experience.

  2. Thank you very much. New York has been very good to me. I fell in love with the city from the first moment I have been there. One day I hope I will come back to stay. and WholeFoods truly is a paradise for gossiping…

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