Dark Clouds

Dark clouds on the horizon. A soaked wet Read On returns. Black clouds arrive never alone. My finger I crash in the door. A bottle of water crashes down to the ground. Broken pieces everywhere. Queen Cat refuses the food offered. Of course its her favorite food that costs me a fortune week after week. In order to express her disgust properly she digs out the roots of my last surviving orchid. The orchid is gone. The bread dough is hard as a stone, even after long hours in the gentle heated oven. Furious I throw the dough in the bin, when I open the bin two hours later the dough has risen a good quarter. The vegetable soup smells and tastes of parsnips. I hate parsnips. The grocer’s wife annoys me with her nuisance, I buy a package of eggs, back at home two eggs have cracked shells and slip through my fingers. „Grocer’s wife!“ cry I, but she is the last to hear. Queen Cat still can not make up her mind in regard to her food. „Ungrateful thing“, I snap at her and she turns her back towards me, now deeply affronted. I feel like the horrible Aunt Norris, who teases poor Fanny Price all day long. My hair looks horrible, like such of a half- wild Shetland pony that never sees a stable. Gross and ugly I tell the mirror just to turn away. My sister finally comes up with a wish for a birthday. A scented candle is her deepest desire. I ask Dr Google and Dr Google informs me that the candle is sold in the US only and shall cost 80 Dollar. 80 Dollar I burst, for a candle? My sister and Queen Cat truly would be a perfect match. Maybe I should look for some red ribbon? For the forth time the vet cancels our dinner appointment, the lambs, he explains hastily on the phone. My nephew is disappointed that I do not know how to make gold. „I have been horrible at chemistry!“, I try to soothe him- without any success. On the horizon, new dark clouds appear. In thirty minutes at latest it will rain again.

6 thoughts on “Dark Clouds

  1. I will definitely try! But I am afraid she is too clever to be tricked out. However she could be pleased by fresh cut liver and egg. She has habits and I do not have an orchid anymore…

  2. It’s a rare talent that can turn a bad, horrible, everything’s awful day into an entertaining post with laugh aloud lines such as “ Furious I throw the dough in the bin, when I open the bin two hours later the dough has risen a good quarter.“ I’m so glad your blog was the first thing I read this morning. You made my day.

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