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Still, the speechlessness outweighs everything. And still silence seems to be one way to pay respects to all the victims.

Elsa Cayat was the only woman present when the assault took place. Elsa Cayat, a fabulous woman, a great psychoanalyst, thinker and writer is portrayed in Le Figaro. ( In French )

What we talk about, when we talk about terrorism is enlightened in an interview with Jacques Derrida after 9/ 11 but still most insightful when grasping for words.

For the first time after World War II the Grand Synagogue of Paris closed its doors for its Shabbat Service. I ask myself, if we as Jews living in Europe, just ignored that our situation becomes more and more fragile? Do we still dream the same dream as those living with us? Is it normal to all of you and all of us that Jews are murdered just while doing some grocery shopping? #JeSuisJuif

The cartoonist Soufeina Hamed draws cartoons, which can make us think more deeply.

In the meantime the blogger and political activist Raif Badawi is flogged in public. We are outrageous.

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  1. Thank you for your comment! It is so hard to find words, when looking at those scenes, when being again confronted with hate and terror in an nearly unimaginable dimension. For myself, I am really doubtful if Jewish Life in Europe still has a chance.

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