From mare’s milk to a mere sink

In Eighteenth Century France  if history proves us not wrong, people had a bath just once a year. But perfumes became popular and so it is not always easy to say if someone fell for a pair of blue eyes or just fell on his back because he or she got overwhelmed by an especially  strong smell. But however, the Ancient Roman and Greek women, so admired in the very same century would have laughed loud at  their smelly or strange scenting counterparts of a few centuries later. Not only that Cleopatra was meant to bathe in mare’s milk but bath houses were the most popular meeting point for women in these days. And many things changed in the course of centuries, people nowadays are obsessed by washing and cleaning. When I came to Europe many years ago, I learned that some people take a shower three times a day. When I articulated my surprise, I was looked at as if I were an extremely strange smelling maid from mid eighteenth century Paris. But however, still it seems that the bathhouse even now in the form of lavatories, and in this special case in form of a university lavatory have not lost their attraction. Half of the female population so it seems to me is gathering on the toilets. Most of them in one single cubicle. But still after so many years of practice for most women and maybe men ( my experiences on this case aren’t that valuable ) it seems to be a big struggle to control the flush, even when they are sober. But well one should not be too narrow-minded in these days. And if the women in the old Roman days used the toilet to practice their break-up scenes, following later in Augustus back-garden, they found worthy successors. This week only I learnt of a Patrick the greatest s*um on earth, got introduced to a mean and hateful Martin and a disaster called Finn. Let alone long calls to mother’s to complain of anything including not being allowed to have a chipper one this particular Sunday, thirteen years ago. Obviously toilets seem to be the last place where no secret leaves the door. But I can assure you that’s an error. I don’t know if Cleopatra would bring bags of MAC’s cosmetic with her today, but every warehouse seems to be a rare empty place compared with a sink of a lavatory, where more and more products are to be found in the range of seconds. Deodorants are tested and a perfect, a fulfilling visit includes to dry your hair under the hand dryer. Because as we all know, without three showers a day, you are merely a human being. And toilet paper, toilet paper is an all-rounder these days, what fun it must be to stick around wet toilet paper on the floors, this must be pure freedom, coming close to an elysium of a bath of mare milk.

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