Still coughing like an eighty year old heavy smoker. Work. Tried to think. Failed. Only shreds I can catch, too thin are all thoughts. Light as a feather, drifting away. Soon enough I left my thoughts alone. Tried to read the news. Got bored soon enough. I am wondering and I am doing so for many years, how people can be interested in the drug addiction of some actress or the pregnancy of some princess. Let alone the result of soccer games or the stock exchange rates. I just don’t care and can’t even remember if it was the princess seen drunk or the access being pregnant. I just shrug my shoulders and that’s it. Sometimes I wish a long-enduring silence would come. The internet would just shut down, black screens wherever you would look. No TV would yell anywhere, not even a test pattern would remain present. In the midst of a sentence the radio program would be interrupted and silence would reign. Signs in front of factories would manifest their sudden closure as well as offices. A greater demand for silence would be the reason given to the gathering crowds. Perhaps for a few days people would come and look if anything changed, but then just realize that nothing changed at all. Grass will soon grow over all the streets, the gates, the bridges as well as the roofs. A princess would be someone from an old book. But soon even the books would be gone, just left on a bench or forgotten  along a beach. In the beginning, here and then, some people would sit in front of a piano, playing Chopin or some Autumnal Etude but this wouldn’t last for long and the pianos themselves would lost their voice. Soon, some syllables would be missing and day after day, the words would  sink more and more into the shadows and finally and forever, the men as well as the women would be quiet forever, just looking up into the sky, where sometimes clouds and some days none would be passing by, in a silent and long way, forever and ever.

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