Whatever happens, 25.10. 2014

When I left the house early in the morning, the grocer’s wife stood on a ladder trying to fix a big black spider made of unidentifiable material on the top of the house. The ladder, the spider and the grocer’s wife moving back and forth. At the end the grocer’s wife will win the fight. My house is the only one left without any Halloween decoration. No pumpkin grinning, no spider, no witches or dragon heads lurking around. And no thanks, I don’t even want to get a tiny, tiny grinning pumpkin, yes I am sure. Yeah, I am alright. Then I have to run as every day to catch the train into town. The train is full of people, none of them under eighteen. They are dressed as witches and fairies, a whole bunch of monsters, none of them I can identify sings loud and falsely, a mummy tries to get hold of its loosening bandages, a woman tries to fix a green blinking spider on her head, another person gets in, dressed up as a mushroom and I try to hide beyond the newspaper because one thing is to deny a grinning pumpkin at the front door but another thing is to get in a row with a slightly annoyed mummy or a smelly mushroom. The advantage of working on Saturdays: no one is there. Only the Everest of work but some things won’t change. I try a piece of pumpkin cake, I don’t try again. Ten minutes I sit in the front of Kaph, the sun shines in my face, my hands are getting warmer and the coffee is really, really excellent. And nearly as good  it is to get warm fingertips from the stirring hot cup. At night, on duty, the girls and boys are dressed up as adults. Velvet gowns, short skirts, hight.heels, tops that are no tops at all. They don’t believe in witches or dragons, let alone mushrooms anymore, the believe in American Apparel, in T-Shirts with Beyoncé prints on them, fake tan and the power of extensions. The boys believe in the power of deodorant. Long are the following hours, you’re doing great I say and promise that they will alright by tomorrow. I lost hope many years ago they just would not touch the Gin or Vodka bottle again. When I am home, it’s 2 AM, two minutes later it’s one again. One hour later I get up, my flight leaves at 5.40AM, as ever I am already running late. Whatever happens, it does not happen here.

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