Whatever happens, 24.10. 2014

I wake up in the middle of the night. I am cold, colder than ice and snow. I search for a second pair of socks. I am shivering. When I wake up, it still dark and I am not cold anymore. Hot as a boiled potato is my head and my legs are weak as chewing-gum. The bathroom seems to turn around, dizzy I feel, tired and sick. But sick is no option at all for today, even when the world turns around faster when I dress myself. I try to drink a cup of awful healthy, herbal tea and then I have to run to catch the train to town. Being late is no option either for today. In the train no one reads anything, till a woman gets in who reads an invitation card to a communion, she folds the card cautiously as if alone the announcement would be something holy. The world spins faster and my head feels like a boiled potato shortly before bursting. But how awful that would be on the DART, very, very early in the morning. At work I start to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze, I sneeze as if the river Ganges would flood down my nose, but for the next hours sneezing is no option and so I look like a lemon trying not to look sour. I try to avoid as best as I can a look in the mirror, because not me would look back, but no one else as Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer. I drink liters of sage tea, I am sucking candy after candy, now smelling like a koala bear and cough as if I never stopped smoking. But coughing is no option today. I buy a fruit smoothie because at least one good thing, I can’t bring myself to eat anything, and so I drink a juice that tells me that only the very best fruit and kale and whatever else obscurities were used especially to produce this juice. We definitely live in an age of too much information. Six grapes shouts the sign of the juice but I can just cough back. At M&S I grab the wrong package of tissues, they smell of lavender and some else scents declared as floral. Now I smell like a very old-fashioned koala bear, probably from 1900, where no koala bear never ever went to the eucalyptus tree with preserving the good old English manners in form of scenting refreshing tissues. But now I have to run to catch the bus, I am on duty tonight and no, quitting is just no option at all. What ever happens, it does not happen here.

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