Suddenly, without any warnings the animals got tired. It’s hard to tell, now so many years since then, if it was the deer, which fell asleep at first or was it the owl, who closed their eyes one morning and did not awake so far? It was not known around here that animals went to sleep so fast and for so long. Who knew that the cats, hunting in so many nights would just breathe deeply and sleep? Still there are people left, they are old too now, who claim that they remember very well when there were birds sitting on the branches of trees, singing from morning till night. And the birds are still there, the swallows, the sparrows, some pairs of turteltaubs, chaffinches and pigeons, they all sit in the chestnut tree just across the street, but are asleep, no wind, no storm, neither rain nor the sun can wake them up. A silent cloud lives above all of us. Some people, older than those who swear they once heard the birds sing, claim that the sheep, as well as the cows and the horses all had a voice of their own. Some very brave one, wanted to show up, making noises they think those animals made when they are awake. But they are called the fools anyway. It was always silent around here and the cows were never seen awake at all. Warm is their breath, but their eyes are closed, lengthways they stretch their legs and so do the horses, the goats, the dogs as well as the sheep. Deep asleep as the are. Seldom strangers come to our place, something awkward would be here in the air, they say but we laugh about them, of course we do. As if there would be any danger of them falling asleep as well. Or even worse the animals could wake up some day. But they do know nothing. Some visitors pay a fee at the lake, they want to see the fish, the cod and the salmon, shimmering like made of pure silver, the turtles, the seals, greyish and old, and deep asleep drifting on the surface of the water, sometimes quicker, sometimes slower, this must have something to do with the wind, twirling in circles, sleeping and sleeping. The visitors stand there full of fascination but I don’t mind the fish-not the tourists. The tourists I disguise. But what can one do? Not much. Some people tried to wake the animals up, kicked them or throw a stone, played music to them or what else people try who have no clue at all. One fool, who is dead for many years now, kissed a frog. Of course nothing happened, the frog just snored louder. Should something happen? Nothing ever happens, some took the butterflies from the fences a while ago, to store them in their houses. But I think that’s a pity, I liked them at most, their wings were moving up and down, softly and gently, they looked wake, but were asleep as all animals here. No one knows when all of this happened and pointless it is to search for some definite reason. They just fell asleep, maybe the deer in the deep and dark forest at first and forever.

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