Plough deep, these days

Maybe I could grab some more apples I thought today when walking back from the station through the village, straightaway to the grocer store. But to my great surprise the door was closed and not even when I knocked three times, the grocer’s wife came as she usual does when working in the back. It was only then when I noticed that a sign stuck inside of the window glass. The sign informed the „Dear customer’s“ of a two-day closure of the shop due to the „National Ploughing Championships“  taking place in Co. Laois these days. And obviously somewhere among the grocer’s wife, cheering for some team of horses. And when I met the vet a few hundred meters further down the road and invited him to come over for dinner, he just shook his head, already on my way to the „National Ploughing Championships“ he said to me, leaning out of the window, just in case you don’t know it, they taking place in Co. Laois these days. Alright than, I said and waved him good-bye. Maybe now at the „National Ploughing Championships“ a long desired wish of the grocer’s wife could become maybe not true but a bit closer to fulfillment. The daughter of the grocer’s wife fell deeply in love with the vet, the vet not, but maybe now, over a glass of mulled wine or shandy, looking at the perfect hooves of some mare or the muscles of a stallion, maybe then not only the tongues nut the hearts will be opened. And indeed the village, where I live as little as it may be, is nearly emptied. The farmer’s gone, even the fishmongers has not opened and in the news they say that nearly 124.000 people came down today for the „National Ploughing Championships“ and this means that nearly half of Ireland must be somewhere in Co. Laois. So forget about Wimbledon let alone the Olympic Games, has ever been a Papal Nuncio out on running tracks? Certainly not. But at the „National Ploughing Championships“ he does and probably blesses some sheeps, too. Just in case. And more attractions are to be found there: a not without reason famous brand founded in Germany some 80 years ago, especially supporting local and organic agriculture as well as sustainability and fair treatment of its worker’s, is present with a Harvest Festival but who might sing the praise of the cheapest cucumber of all times I can’t say, we have to have wait till the grocer’s wife will be back, maybe she comes home sitting high upon not a horse back but a brand-new tractor, everything is possible not everywhere but at least at the „National Ploughing Champioships“ taking place somewhere in Co. Laios these days.

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  1. Hi there, I really enjoyed this post. I am not sure if you would be interested in learning more about ploughing or not but my blog covers agriculture as well as competitive ploughing. I just wrote a post about the Northern Ireland Ploughing Championships that my parents went to. I am an Agriculture Business student at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. I would love to hear more about the area you live in.

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