In search for….

Today I searched for my keys, no, not once but twice, my glasses who tend to disappear to most awkward places, leaving me behind blind  as a snake, books due to be returned, pairs of matching socks, but who doesn’t? I searched for a street and had to ask an unbelievable high number of people passing by till I finally arrived. I searched for security needles to fix colleague B.’s skirt, then searched for missing lines of a song learned many years ago ( no success so far ), then started to look for a pile of paper, which I swear had I laid upon the table yesterday before I left ( Paper thieves hide where at best ? ) I searched further for recipes with white cabbage, unfortunately a too common visitor in my weekly organic box ( no success ), searched for words, didn’t help much, remind myself to better stay silent, searched for a good excuse, didn’t find one and will have to join, but at least I tried. Searched for a Korean Restaurant in Dublin, will try soon, searched with D. under a table a missing earring, hit my head badly, earring was not to be found. At least he made his re-appearance later in the bathroom. I searched for cookies, good against headache aren’t they and liked them a lot. I looked for the sun, but the sun looked for someone else, the pretty man on the train I looked in the eyes ( green-brown ) didn’t notice mine ( very ordinary brown ), Queen Cat looks for another tin of  that cat food with salmon in it and so at least someone searches for me.

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