Farewell to the lake

But early in the morning, again and maybe for the last time in this year to throw the towel into the bicycle basket and drive down the cobbled lane, turn left on the corner and through another more cobbled lane till arriving at the lake. Quiet is the lake in the morning and no one would believe that just a month earlier already around 7 AM and 7.30 AM all possible people packed bags and children and arrived cheering at the banks, rented rowing boats and rowed as if pirates were chasing them and in the evening the same or different groups of people, who knows for sure, drank as much they could and when I arrived early in the morning, the lake smelled quite alcoholic but this is already past. Now the ducks rule the lake, in big groups they swim and practice obviously for the annual duck water-ski olympic games, obviously shown on all duck TV channels between Berlin and Montreal. They look quite distressed when looking at me and realizing that I want to interrupt their practice, but then decide just to ignore me. Yellow and red are the leaves not only on the trees, but quite few of them fall into the water, swirling around. At the edges the water is still warm but the further I swim the colder the water gets, it looks deeper and darker than in the summer months. Still a few rowing boats are outside, next to the little hat next to the wooden plank, waiting for brave pirates to come, but most of the boats are already made winter proof. And I think of the Nöck, the true ruler of the water, who in the summer hides behind the waterlilies or in the reeds. But when the people leave and the autumns comes, the Nöck appears, already today he started to flex his muscles, and the waves went high and higher, even a few climbing plants tried to catch my toes but then the sun came out and the fog went away, the Nöck had to give up his plans, but soon I could hear him grumble, he will be back and maybe already in the afternoon he will try to knock down a rowing boat, because as a king and a ruler he has to prove year after year, when the summer is over that he is still in full power, his wife and even more his mother- in-law are very critical judges and for me, probably it is time to let the summer go and come again, next year early in the morning.

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