Run, Read On, Run

Do you have the green folder, Read On? Is your lecture really in there? ( Yes ) Wait, really ? ( Yes ) Keys? Sister’s apartment keys, while your sister relaxes on a Beach in Norfolk? What about your passport? Why breath passport photos always the air of possible criminal careers? Let this go, Read On you have no time, but as quick as possible you should find your tights and the extra tights and of course can’t forget the pair of extra-extra- just in case tights. Oh, wait those in your hand are blue, but where are the black ones? No, Queen Cat, you don’t have to look for them. Oyster Card? Purse with pounds? Of course open, of course full of coined money, rolling around on the kitchen floor. Queen Cat grins darkly. Puh. USB stick? Second one, just in case? Yes. Thermos bottle? I am a big believer in thermos bottle, especially at conferences they have life saving qualities. UK phone? Wasn’t it two minutes ago on the kitchen table? No. Bed. No? Bathroom? No. In the charger? Yes. Literature to change your lecture in the last-minute? Of course, come on Read On. No, Queen Cat you can’t sleep on them, right now. I said, no, didn’t I? Ferry tickets? Yes, somewhere within the large pile of things on the desk. Tea pigs for S.? Ah, already in the bag. Flight tickets? Oh, in the blue folder. Repaired monkey Mau for niece No. 2? Quickly to be saved from a desirous looking queen with sharp claws. Train tickets? Oh, there. Flower pots watered? Fridge emptied? Oh, look at the clock, Read On, it’s not late, it’s already that late. Queen Cat folder and bag handed over to the neighbor? Oh, Read On, you did this last night. Bye, Queen Cat, see you soon. And now Run, Read On, Run, the ship won’t wait. Run.

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