These foolish things II

Yesterday, tomorrow or right now? Do you feel photogenic? Are you hiding pictures, somewhere? Have you ever been to court? Do you think yourself courteous? Do you still search monsters under your bed? King-Size or Futon? What was the name of your first plush toy? Can you play like a child, forgetting the world around you? Snicker’s or Mars? Does chocolate help? Wheeled suitcases or a worn out backpack? Are you a traveler? What about a journey through time? Back to the roots? How much is too many? What if or now just more than ever? What was your first word? Do you practice last words? Let her go or run after her? Do you mind? What’s in your mind now? Do you sing when you are alone or out loud when going out? Ever danced in the rain? How many umbrellas did you lose? Plastic bag or cotton bag? Do you always have coins in your pockets? Pitch or toss? Are you a sunday’s child? Afraid of Mondays? When did your childhood end? Peter Pan or Batman? Window or Rear seat? Can you sleep with the light on? Afraid of darkness? Would you follow me into the Wild? Can you light a fire? Ever set fire to the rain? Is your heart a fickle thing? Do you have a talisman? Do you believe in miracles? French Fries or Spicy Wedges? Cutlery or finger food? What are the last things you think of before you fall asleep? Do you sleep well? Do you want to win or are you a good loser? What did you lose forever? Do you get agitated by the smell of some perfume? Which? How does it feel be inside a woman? Is there a way out? I never asked you, but I still want to know.

Part One.


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