Everyone of you knows this picture of a young but not too young woman, even if you might never have been able to visit Florence so far. It was the much more unknown and today and by history nearly forgotten Guidubaldo della Rovere, duke of Urbino who ordered in 1538 the picture of a highly erotic but nameless beauty as a gift for his wife. His wife Giulia Verano should be taught a lesson in wifehood, eroticism and exemplary motherhood. But man often, oh too often overestimate themselves and their presents. And no one ever had Giulia Verano anything to teach. But still, the young beauty outstretched in the linen, who looks at the audience confident and relaxed painted by Titian remains in the collective memory of woman and men. Her left hand covers her legs, in her right hand she carries a flower bouquet, the very old symbol of love. At the end of the bed a smallish dog sleeps beyond her feet, symbolizing faith. The viewer sees in the background of the painting a sunset in the midst of a Tuscany landscape, whereas in front of the window two maids are busy to search for something in a rich ornamented trousseau. But why am I telling you all these in such detail, the reason is as simple as a resin could be. Today at around noon I went to the shops with my niece, who chose her favorite loves, begged for more chocolate cookies and as we searched for tissues I looked at my right side. And there could not be any doubt. At the corner with the vegetables, there she stood. The same long blonde hair, the very fine eyebrows, the heart shaped but smallish lips, even the tiny brilliant earring was exactly the same as to be seen in the picture. Of course the Venus of Urbino, so the title of the piece was not naked in the supermarket, but wore a dress the maids must have pulled out of the trousseau only recently. A light white dress, caressing her round hips, allowing a look at her porcelain tanned legs.There couldn’t be any doubt, there she was, weighing three apples in her hand, smiling slightly, looking at the price of the neighbored pears. When we paid, she already grabbed her fruits and left and I swear outside of the shop a carriage with four white horses waited for her, four liveried pagans ready to open the door for her.



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