In Vinohrady

Friend O. calls, he will arrive later because of someone business to handle beforehand. In these days especially in Vinohrady,a district of Prague everyone seems to be very busy and beside of me, has some business to do. But I can walk along the streets, where new shops selling watches or clothes or cosmetics all advertising with the prefix „luxury“. At the market you won’t find vegetables and fruits anymore as you did for so many years,now replaced by smoothies, fresh pressed pomegranate or carrot- ginger juices and superfood stalls. The people on the street look extraordinary good. The women are slightly sun-tanned, they sit with their mobiles phones in one hand in front of the many new-openend cafés and bars, stretching out their legs, to be admired from the passengers, drinking prosecco with strawberries, smiling beyond their enormous sun-glasses and talking either into their phones or to their exactly as good-looking friends next to them, from time to time they open their handbags or just flip away an imagined crumb, because the women are all very slim and tall, not even thinking of ordering a cake . And probably they look at me, neither blond, nor tall nor super-slim, let alone beautiful, eating cake and now everyone of their good-looking friends around Vinohrady already is informed that there is someone around, who eats cake with chocolate. I better hurry, because I am afraid they might start taking pictures for the „Most horrorful street scene Vinorahdy awards 2014“ named the „The cake eating monster“, there are some glorious chapter in life I am very happy to miss,but if you are in Prague without some business to do,or just waiting for your old friend O. to come  as I did,  Vinohrady with its beautiful Hapsburg buildings and even more its inhabitants is worth a visit and I absolutely want to recommend the Prádelna Café, a former laundry, now a wonderful and friendly place to sit for hours and watch the street life. Their cake is excellent but you definitely should try the homemade herbal lemonade, the herbs coming from a basket placed next to the door. And you should directly order a second one, for your old friend O. who tries to park his SUV and arrives in a shape, where you can see that this was some kind of a hard business to do.

Prádelna Café

Slavíkova 21

100 20 Praha 2



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