Citius, Altius, Fortius!

In Dresden people seem to be very proud of everything. Their town is nothing more than splendid, their castle the most beautiful castle, outshining every other castle ever built, their museums are the most exclusive, especially the green vault has the most impressive, most precious and most impressive collection of royal treasuries ever seen before, of course the food is the most delicious ever tasted and especially a cake, called „Eierschecke“ is not only a cake made of egg, curd cheese and meringue but a specialty of highest popularity. The cafés in the town centre are, how could it be otherwise, delighting and full of saxonian charm, nearly every second visitor is over 65 years old, wearing either wearing khaki colored trousers, on khaki colored sweaters or preferring wild and ornamental floral designs in the colors, dark red, violet most of them sequined. Nearly everyone who gets off the buses, wears an outdoor jacket  ( khaki or grey ) and a belly bag. I can only guess, but looking at the garments of the tourists you can’t overcome the feeling that Dresden is after all a city, where you have to be prepared to get robbed off or a climate only to be found in Himalayan regions may occur at anytime. Of course, the walk along the riverbanks is the most joyful promenade ever to be found, the scenery is indeed picturesque and nearly everyone who passes by is a proud owner of a camera made to win every picture of the year award, and the most heard sound of any walk is the steady, click, click, click rhythm of the most amazing panorama ever seen before. And if you are walking along, as I did trying to escape the armada of buses, you should not be surprised if out of the blue a group of most racy bikers drives with the most extraordinary speed towards your direction, shouting „Out of the way!“ and you would as I did, jump into the slope, in the very comforting feeling, that you fell indeed into the most impressive and extraordinary bank you will never be able to find elsewhere than in the city of Dresden.

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