A silver rose

When I was fifteen years old, I was an ugly girl, with dyed black hair, dark black glasses, wearing dark black gilets. I wanted to disappear and in a certain way it worked out, neither the beautiful blonde hair and long legged girls in my class or the tall, athletic boys took any notice of myself, just remembering me when they wanted to copy Latin or Greek homework. But on one long and dull summer afternoon, when I flickered through old and well-worn volumes of French books in an old bookshop, where I spent most of my days, I came across “ Le chevalier à la rose“ written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal and immediately fell in love, with both the story and the author. Hofmannsthal, this spoiled kid, of a decent Viennese family, a talented youth, inventive and successful, publishing poetry before entering an university, becoming the voice of a whole generation, good-looking, loved and lovely, charming even when dumping Stefan George, who of course fell in love with Hofmannsthal too. The story of „Der Rosenkavalier“ is as simple as enhancing, a women experienced and with a standing in the world has a much younger lover, but within the course of the play, she will loses him to a younger heiress, but while the story is so simple, Hofmannsthal’s libretto, is an appalling one, witty, comic, full of sarcasms, little dramas, and great feelings, including strikes on the social realities and it is written by someone who knows how to love. This year  “ Der Rosenkavalier“ has it made on the stage of the famous Glyndebourne festival, but the focus is not as it definitely should, directed on the story, the music or  the performance, but in many critics to be read, on the body of Irish mezzo soprano Tara Erraught. In the Financial Times Andrew Clark states that „ Tara Erraught is a hubby bundle of puppy-fat“ and other men joined the chorus describing her as “ dumpy“, “ unbelievable, unsightly and unappealing“, not to forget “ stocky“. And of course, for these music critics it is clear that Tara Erraught could not be imagined as a „plausible lover“. It is for sure that those who claim themselves as music critics are in fact shameless and respectless judges but even worse, and unbelievable sad, they do not know nothing about love. They have no idea about being loved, about desire and of course they could never be passionate about someone else. They have no longings and they belong in no one’s heart because they have no imagination left, no ability to embrace someone else’s heart, they just are miserable judges and poor in mind and heart. They will be forgotten in near future, whereas Tara Erraught will touch many people with her voice and her appearance, knowing to well how great a lover Hugo von Hofmannsthal has been. 

4 thoughts on “A silver rose

  1. You are quite right to dismiss the critics and their insults. I don’t know this particular singer but it doesn’t matter, the focus here should be on her voice, performance, phrasing and interpretation, not her appearance. How cruel and petty the critics sound, like a gang of nasty, spiteful little playground bullies. Idiots. So much for their sensitivity towards the Opera and its themes. As you say, they have entirely missed the point.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you! It’s just disgusting to see how a bunch of old men uses music and opera critique to spit out nastiness and disgusting opinions about a singer’s body.

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