These foolish things

Do you still have dreams left? What are you doing with leftovers? Do you really like parsnips? Or ever tried Parship? Did you ever close your eyes while driving? Do you bike or prefer a white pony to go to work? When its silent, do you dare to ask yourself if you are happy? When its so loud that no one can hear each other, do you try to scream louder than everyone else? Lucky Strikes or LUSH? Do you swear? Would you mind if I d0? When does the future begin? Is the past a younger brother or an older sister? Do you always brush your teeth? Did you ever eat chocolate after brushing your teeth? Do you enjoy opera? Are you a drama queen? What did you loose forever? Do you still miss it? Do you call back? Why do look all passport photos as shot already in prison? Is white chocolate really chocolate?  Can you eat chocolate bunnys? Bunny or guinea-pig? Dry my soul, would you? Cool play or all on one card? Do you laugh when everybody does, even if its not funny? And what could make you stop? If your  shoelaces are undone, do you care? Italian shoes or Sneakers? Are you sometimes a sneaker? In a bunk bed where would be your place? Do you takeover? Would you take my hand? How many trains do you have missed? Ever waited in vain? Do you sleep in station hotels? Can you assemble IKEA furniture? Do you use the manual or follow your own way ? Is there a way through live? Do you want to stay alive for long? Or be forever young? I never asked you but, I still want to know.

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