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A shocking, insightful and very depressing text written by the great blogger and insightful feminist Caroline Criado-Perez on the threats and hate she experienced on Twitter.

Heart-warming and a great appeal for the strength and liveliness of Yiddish, Isaac Bashevi’s Singers Noble Prize speech in Stockholm 1978 and a shorter version in English. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Turn your Swag on. Contemporary Hip Hop musicians drawing on 16th century fashion.

The Iran is so much more we believe it to be and so it is time to meet more of those who move the country in a very different direction. The Persian version of skateboarding is a wonderful and moving example.

One of my favorite Irish food-blogger’s Conor Bofin shares a great pie-recipe and ditches spammers in a wonderful way.

Agitationism is this year’s main theme on Ireland’s Biennial. Rebecca O‘ Dwyer reflects why the EVA in Limerick is worth a visit or two or three…

My sister recommends La Roux new tune for rainy May days, as we have here in an endless, cold row.

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  1. Oh my, I laughed aloud and sighed with empathy as I read this post. I took to gardening late and still accomplish it much more like you than like your aristocratic ladies. This year I managed to keep the deer away from my tulips, and rejoiced every time I looked at their cheerful blooms. Then a violent, vindictive hail storm shredded them as I watched. Discouraged, but undaunted, I am waiting for my one peony to pop and re-invigorate me..

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