The ultimate way to a bikini body in two steps!

Some things are extremely difficult: making a perfect mousse au chocolate ( Oh, Dear , I can tell you ), reading Heidegger has never been a pleasure for me, because it was so hard to stay awake, getting up on your knees when falling still remains a difficulty of another dimension, as well as ensuring quality standards within supply chains or convincing my sister that a dark indigo is a color she should absolutely wear. But every year you can read in every magazine, those magazines often have totally absurd names GLAMOUR or JOY, one always wants to shout at them, they shall grow up as soon as possible and get real names, but however, every single spring those magazines trying to find the secret  to get a bikini worthy body. The secret must be a very hidden one, because every year again the search begins. But some secrets are so heavy to solve that they are in fact really easy. Here, the fabulous Kaltmamsell explains the fastest and ultimate way to get a bikini body in only two steps and I do so too: Take off your clothes, get your bikini on. Done. Enjoy the sun, the sea, the summer and most of all enjoy yourself. Things can be so easy, sometimes. Oh, and I read everywhere, so do not wonder about that.

Step I


Step II




9 thoughts on “The ultimate way to a bikini body in two steps!

  1. Thank you very much! It is so sad to see and hear how we treat our bodies who carry us through a whole life without love but with so much hate. Beauty has every age and everyone is beautiful.

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